Schedule & Results, House League Select (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, April 2, 2020
AtomA015:00 PMCivic Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsDofasco Steelhawks
AtomA025:00 PMLions Rosedale DevilsBrantford 99ers
AtomA035:00 PMWGSC #4 North London NationalsBurlington Bulldogs Red
AtomA045:00 PMWGSC #1 Coronation BengalsBurlington Bulldogs White
AtomA055:00 PMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr. RangersBrantford Saints
AtomA065:00 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge HawksLawfield Thunder
AtomA076:00 PMWGSC #1 West London HawksMount Hamilton Blues
AtomA086:00 PMWGSC #2 Chedoke ExpressWaterloo Wolves
PeeweeP016:00 PMCivic Brantford 99ersDofasco Steelhawks
PeeweeP026:00 PMLions Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsRosedale Devils
PeeweeP036:00 PMWGSC #4 Coronation BengalsCambridge Hawks
PeeweeP046:00 PMWGSC #3 Brantford SaintsLawfield Thunder
BantamB017:00 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs RedDofasco Steelhawks
BantamB027:00 PMLions Chedoke ExpressBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP057:00 PMWGSC #1 North London NationalsMount Hamilton Blues
PeeweeP067:00 PMWGSC #2 Chedoke ExpressWaterloo Wolves
PeeweeP077:05 PMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs RedKitchener Jr. Rangers
BantamB037:10 PMWGSC #3 Lawfield ThunderBurlington Bulldogs White
BantamB048:10 PMWGSC #4 Mount Hamilton BluesBrantford Saints
MidgetAM018:10 PMWGSC #1 West London HawksWaterloo Wolves Black
MinMidgetMM018:10 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs WhiteDofasco Steelhawks
MinMidgetMM028:10 PMLions London BanditsChedoke Express
BantamB058:15 PMWGSC #2 Coronation BengalsWaterloo Wolves
MinMidgetMM038:20 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. RangersLawfield Thunder
MidgetBM029:25 PMCivic Dofasco SteelhawksBurlington Bulldogs White
MidgetBM039:25 PMLions Lawfield ThunderBrantford 99ers
MidgetCM049:25 PMWGSC #1 Cambridge HawksCoronation Bengals
MidgetAM059:30 PMWGSC #4 Mount Hamilton BluesBurlington Bulldogs Blue
MinMidgetMM049:30 PMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs RedWaterloo Wolves
MidgetCM069:40 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. RangersBurlington Bulldogs Red
Friday, April 3, 2020
AtomA097:30 AMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteChedoke Express
AtomA107:30 AMWGSC #4 Dofasco SteelhawksCambridge Hawks
AtomA118:00 AMCivic Brantford 99ersLawfield Thunder
AtomA128:00 AMGurney Waterloo WolvesNorth London Nationals
AtomA138:00 AMWGSC #1 Kitchener Jr. RangersWest London Hawks
AtomA148:00 AMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs RedCoronation Bengals
PeeweeP088:00 AMLions Dofasco SteelhawksBrantford Saints
AtomA158:30 AMDavis Mount Hamilton BluesBrantford Saints
PeeweeP098:30 AMWGSC #2 Cambridge HawksNorth London Nationals
PeeweeP108:30 AMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteSt. Catharines CYO Storm
AtomA169:00 AMGurney Sarnia SabersSt. Catharines CYO Storm
PeeweeP119:00 AMCivic Rosedale DevilsBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP129:00 AMWGSC #1 Mount Hamilton BluesSarnia Sabers
PeeweeP139:00 AMWGSC #3 Waterloo WolvesCoronation Bengals
MBantMB019:05 AMLions Brantford 99ersWaterloo Wolves
AtomA179:30 AMDavis Fort Erie MeteorsRosedale Devils
BantamB069:30 AMWGSC #4 St. Catharines CYO StormKitchener Jr. Rangers
Midget "D"M079:30 AMWGSC #2 Waterloo Wolves WhiteChedoke Express
BantamB0710:00 AMWGSC #3 Dofasco SteelhawksSarnia Sabers
MidgetCM0810:00 AMWGSC #1 Coronation BengalsBurlington Bulldogs Red
PeeweeP1410:00 AMGurney Lawfield ThunderBurlington Bulldogs Red
MBantMB0210:05 AMCivic London BanditsKitchener Jr. Rangers
MBantMB0310:15 AMLions North London NationalsCambridge Hawks
PeeweeP1510:30 AMDavis Kitchener Jr. RangersChedoke Express
BantamB0810:40 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo WolvesBurlington Bulldogs Red
Midget "D"M0910:45 AMWGSC #2 Sarnia SabersWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MidgetBM1011:15 AMWGSC #3 Lawfield ThunderBurlington Bulldogs White
MidgetCM1111:15 AMWGSC #1 Cambridge HawksKitchener Jr. Rangers
MBantMB0411:25 AMCivic Burlington BulldogsWest London Hawks
MidgetAM1211:35 AMLions Waterloo Wolves BlackBurlington Bulldogs Blue
BantamB0911:50 AMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteCoronation Bengals
MinMidgetMM0511:55 AMWGSC #2 Waterloo WolvesMount Hamilton Blues
MidgetBM1312:25 PMWGSC #3 Brantford 99ersDofasco Steelhawks
Min PeeweeMP0112:25 PMWGSC #1 Oakridge AerosKitchener Jr. Rangers
BantamB1012:40 PMCivic Brantford 99ersLawfield Thunder
MidgetAM1412:50 PMLions West London HawksMount Hamilton Blues
BantamB111:00 PMWGSC #4 Brantford SaintsChedoke Express
Min PeeweeMP021:05 PMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteNorth London Nationals
AtomA181:25 PMWGSC #1 Chedoke ExpressBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP161:40 PMWGSC #3 Dofasco SteelhawksCambridge Hawks
PeeweeP171:50 PMCivic Sarnia SabersBurlington Bulldogs White
AtomA192:05 PMWGSC #2 Brantford SaintsBurlington Bulldogs White
PeeweeP182:05 PMLions St. Catharines CYO StormWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
AtomA202:10 PMWGSC #4 Mount Hamilton BluesKitchener Jr. Rangers
AtomA212:25 PMWGSC #1 Rosedale DevilsWaterloo Wolves
AtomA222:45 PMWGSC #3 St. Catharines CYO StormWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
AtomA232:55 PMCivic West London HawksDofasco Steelhawks
AtomA243:10 PMLions Sarnia SabersFort Erie Meteors
AtomA253:10 PMWGSC #2 Lawfield ThunderBurlington Bulldogs Red
PeeweeP193:15 PMWGSC #4 Lawfield ThunderKitchener Jr. Rangers
PeeweeP203:30 PMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs RedMount Hamilton Blues
BantamB123:50 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. RangersMount Hamilton Blues
BantamB134:05 PMCivic Sarnia SabersSt. Catharines CYO Storm
NoviceN014:10 PMWGSC #2 Sarnia SabersKitchener Jr. Rangers
PeeweeP214:15 PMWGSC #4 North London NationalsChedoke Express
AtomA264:20 PMLions Coronation BengalsCambridge Hawks
NoviceN024:35 PMWGSC #1 Mount Hamilton BluesWaterloo Wolves
Minor AtomMA015:00 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo WolvesCambridge Hawks
MBantMB055:10 PMWGSC #2 Burlington BulldogsLondon Bandits
Min PeeweeMP035:15 PMCivic West London HawksWaterloo Wolves
NoviceN035:20 PMLions Dofasco SteelhawksWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
NoviceN045:20 PMWGSC #4 Brantford SaintsRosedale Devils
Min PeeweeMP045:35 PMWGSC #1 London BanditsCambridge Hawks
Minor AtomMA026:00 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. RangersBurlington Bulldogs
MBantMB066:15 PMWGSC #2 West London HawksKitchener Jr. Rangers
Min PeeweeMP056:20 PMLions Brantford 99ersBurlington Bulldogs Red
NoviceN056:20 PMCivic Burlington BulldogsBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP226:20 PMWGSC #4 Rosedale DevilsBrantford Saints
MBantMB076:35 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo WolvesCambridge Hawks
MinMidgetMM067:00 PMWGSC #3 Chedoke ExpressKitchener Jr. Rangers
AtomA277:20 PMCivic Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsNorth London Nationals
MinMidgetMM077:25 PMWGSC #2 Dofasco SteelhawksBurlington Bulldogs Red
PeeweeP237:25 PMLions Sarnia SabersBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP247:25 PMWGSC #4 Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsWaterloo Wolves
MBantMB087:40 PMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ersNorth London Nationals
MinMidgetMM088:10 PMWGSC #3 Lawfield ThunderBurlington Bulldogs White
PeeweeP258:30 PMCivic St. Catharines CYO StormCoronation Bengals
MidgetCM158:35 PMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs RedCambridge Hawks
Midget "D"M168:35 PMWGSC #2 Sarnia SabersWaterloo Wolves White
MinMidgetMM098:40 PMLions Mount Hamilton BluesLondon Bandits
MidgetAM178:45 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves BlackMount Hamilton Blues
MidgetBM189:35 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs WhiteBrantford 99ers
MidgetCM199:35 PMWGSC #3 Coronation BengalsKitchener Jr. Rangers
MidgetAM209:45 PMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs BlueWest London Hawks
MidgetBM219:45 PMWGSC #4 Lawfield ThunderDofasco Steelhawks
Midget "D"M229:50 PMWGSC #1 Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsChedoke Express
Saturday, April 4, 2020
NoviceN067:30 AMCivic Brantford 99ersSarnia Sabers
NoviceN077:30 AMLions Kitchener Jr. RangersMount Hamilton Blues
NoviceN087:30 AMWGSC #1 Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsBurlington Bulldogs
NoviceN097:30 AMWGSC #3 Rosedale DevilsDofasco Steelhawks
Minor AtomMA038:00 AMWGSC #2 Cambridge HawksKitchener Jr. Rangers
NoviceN108:00 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo WolvesBrantford Saints
AtomA288:30 AMCivic Dofasco SteelhawksBurlington Bulldogs Red
AtomA298:30 AMWGSC #1 Brantford SaintsCoronation Bengals
AtomA308:30 AMWGSC #3 Brantford 99ersSarnia Sabers
Minor AtomMA048:30 AMLions Burlington BulldogsWaterloo Wolves
AtomA319:00 AMWGSC #2 Fort Erie MeteorsSt. Catharines CYO Storm
AtomA329:00 AMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
AtomA339:30 AMCivic Cambridge HawksChedoke Express
AtomA349:30 AMLions Kitchener Jr. RangersRosedale Devils
AtomA359:30 AMWGSC #1 Waterloo WolvesLawfield Thunder
PeeweeP269:30 AMWGSC #3 Mount Hamilton BluesBurlington Bulldogs White
Min PeeweeMP0610:00 AMWGSC #2 Cambridge HawksOakridge Aeros
Min PeeweeMP0710:00 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo WolvesLondon Bandits
Min PeeweeMP0810:35 AMCivic Burlington Bulldogs RedWest London Hawks
Min PeeweeMP0910:35 AMLions North London NationalsBrantford 99ers
Min PeeweeMP1010:40 AMWGSC #1 Kitchener Jr. RangersBurlington Bulldogs White
BanP/OffsB14-PRE110:45 AMWGSC #3 13th Overall - RR4th Overall - RR
MBantMB0911:15 AMWGSC #2 West London HawksLondon Bandits
MBantMB1011:15 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo WolvesNorth London Nationals
BanP/OffsB17-PRE411:40 AMLions 10th Overall - RR7th Overall - RR
BanP/OffsB18-PRE511:40 AMCivic 9th Overall - RR8th Overall - RR
BanP/OffsB15-PRE211:45 AMWGSC #1 12th Overall - RR5th Overall - RR
BanP/OffsB16-PRE312:05 PMWGSC #3 11th Overall - RR6th Overall - RR
MBantMB1112:25 PMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr. RangersBurlington Bulldogs
MBantMB1212:25 PMWGSC #4 Cambridge HawksBrantford 99ers
AtomA361:00 PMLions St. Catharines CYO StormNorth London Nationals
PeeweeP271:00 PMCivic Cambridge HawksChedoke Express
AtomA371:05 PMWGSC #1 West London HawksSarnia Sabers
AtomA381:25 PMWGSC #3 Mount Hamilton BluesFort Erie Meteors
PeeweeP281:35 PMWGSC #2 Brantford SaintsWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeP291:35 PMWGSC #4 Coronation BengalsBurlington Bulldogs Red
PeeweeP312:00 PMLions Waterloo WolvesDofasco Steelhawks
PeeweeP302:05 PMCivic Lawfield ThunderBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP322:05 PMWGSC #1 St. Catharines CYO StormSarnia Sabers
PeeweeP332:25 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. RangersNorth London Nationals
NoviceN112:40 PMWGSC #2 Dofasco SteelhawksBrantford 99ers
PeeweeP342:40 PMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteRosedale Devils
MMP/OffsMM10-PRE3:15 PMLions 9th Overall8th Overall
Midget "D"M233:20 PMCivic Woodstock Jr. Navy VetsWaterloo Wolves White
NoviceN123:20 PMWGSC #1 Brantford SaintsWoodstock Jr. Navy Vets
NoviceN133:40 PMWGSC #3 Sarnia SabersWaterloo Wolves
NoviceN143:50 PMWGSC #2 Burlington BulldogsKitchener Jr. Rangers
Midget "D"M243:55 PMWGSC #4 Chedoke ExpressSarnia Sabers
NoviceN154:20 PMWGSC #1 Mount Hamilton BluesRosedale Devils
Min PeeweeMP114:35 PMCivic London BanditsBrantford 99ers
Minor AtomMA054:40 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo WolvesKitchener Jr. Rangers
Min PeeweeMP124:40 PMLions West London HawksCambridge Hawks
Min PeeweeMP134:50 PMWGSC #2 Oakridge AerosBurlington Bulldogs Red
Minor AtomMA065:10 PMWGSC #4 Cambridge HawksBurlington Bulldogs
Atom P/OA39-QF15:20 PMWGSC #1 8th Seed Overall1st Seed Overall
Atom P/OA41-QF35:40 PMCivic 6th Seed Overall3rd Seed Overall
Min PeeweeMP145:40 PMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs WhiteWaterloo Wolves
Atom P/OA40-QF25:45 PMLions 7th Seed Overall2nd Seed Overall
Atom P/OA42-QF45:55 PMWGSC #2 5th Seed Overall4th Seed Overall
Min PeeweeMP156:10 PMWGSC #4 North London NationalsKitchener Jr. Rangers
MBP/OffsMB13-SF16:30 PMWGSC #1 2nd Division B1st Division A
PW P/OffsP35-QF16:45 PMWGSC #3 8th Seed Overall1st Seed Overall
PW P/OffsP38-QF46:50 PMCivic 5th Seed Overall4th Seed Overall
PW P/OffsP37-QF36:55 PMLions 6th Seed Overall3rd Seed Overall
MBP/OffsMB14-SF27:05 PMWGSC #2 2nd Division A1st Division B
PW P/OffsP36-QF27:15 PMWGSC #4 7th Seed Overall2nd Seed Overall
MMP/OffsMM12-QF27:50 PMWGSC #1 6th Overall3rd Overall
BanP/OffsB22-QF18:00 PMWGSC #3 5th Seed - Preliminary1st Seed Overall RR
BanP/OffsB20-QF38:20 PMLions 3rd Seed - Preliminary3rd Seed Overall RR
BanP/OffsB21-QF48:20 PMCivic 2nd Seed - Preliminary1st Seed - Preliminary
BanP/OffsB19-QF28:25 PMWGSC #4 4th Seed - Preliminary2nd Seed Overall RR
MMP/OffsMM11-QF18:25 PMWGSC #2 7th Overall2nd Overall
MMP/OffsMM14-QF49:15 PMWGSC #1 Winner of 8th vs 9th1st Overall
MidP/OffsM28-QF49:25 PMCivic 2nd Division C1st Division D
MidP/OffsM26-QF29:30 PMWGSC #3 2nd Division B1st Division A
MidP/OffsM27-QF39:40 PMLions 2nd Division D1st Division C
MMP/OffsMM13-QF39:40 PMWGSC #2 5th Overall4th Overall
MidP/OffsM25-QF19:45 PMWGSC #4 2nd Division A1st Division B
Sunday, April 5, 2020
Novice P/ON16-SF18:30 AMWGSC #1 4th Overall1st Overall
Novice P/ON17-SF28:30 AMWGSC #3 3rd Overall2nd Overall
Atom P/OA43-SF19:00 AMWGSC #2 Lowest RemainingHighest Remaining
Atom P/OA44-SF29:00 AMWGSC #4 2nd Lowest Remaining2nd Highest Remaining
MPW P/OMP16-SF19:45 AMWGSC #1 4th Overall1st Overall
MPW P/OMP17-SF29:45 AMWGSC #3 3rd Overall2nd Overall
PW P/OffsP39-SF210:15 AMWGSC #4 2nd Lowest Remaining Seed2nd Highest Remaining Seed
PW P/OffsP40-SF110:15 AMWGSC #2 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
BanP/OffsB23-SF111:05 AMWGSC #1 Lowest RemainingHighest Remaining
BanP/OffsB24-SF211:05 AMWGSC #3 2nd Lowest Remaining2nd Highest Remaining
MidP/OffsM29-SF111:30 AMWGSC #2 Lowest RemainingHighest Remaining
MidP/OffsM30-SF211:30 AMWGSC #4 2nd Lowest Remaining2nd Highest Remaining
MMP/OffsMM15-SF112:30 PMWGSC #1 Lowest RemainingHighest Remaining
MMP/OffsMM16-SFS212:30 PMWGSC #3 2nd Lowest Remaining2nd Highest Remaining
MA P/OMA07-FINAL1:00 PMWGSC #4 2nd Overall1st Overall
Novice P/ON18-FINAL1:00 PMWGSC #2 Lowest Remaing SeedHighest Remaining Seed
Atom P/OA45-FINAL2:00 PMWGSC #1 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
MBP/OffsMB15-FINAL2:30 PMWGSC #2 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
MPW P/OMP18-FINAL3:15 PMWGSC #1 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
PW P/OffsP41-FINAL4:00 PMWGSC #2 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
BanP/OffsB25-FINAL4:45 PMWGSC #1 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
MMP/OffsMM17-FINAL5:30 PMWGSC #2 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
MidP/OffsM31-FINAL6:15 PMWGSC #1 Lowest Remaining SeedHighest Remaining Seed
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