Major Peewee, Divisions, House League Select, 2019 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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Major Peewee
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, April 4, 2019
PeeweeAP16:00 PMCivic Burlington Bulldogs (White)0-0Brantford 99ers
PeeweeBP26:00 PMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs (Red)4-1Brantford Saints
PeeweeCP37:05 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-1Dofasco Steelhawks
Friday, April 5, 2019
PeeweeAP49:00 AMCivic GLHA Selects 21-1Coronation Bengals
PeeweeEP59:00 AMLions Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-12Lawfield Thunder
PeeweeEP69:30 AMWGSC #4 Cambridge Hawks4-3GLHA Selects 1
PeeweeDP710:05 AMCivic St. Catharines Storm3-6Mount Hamilton Blues
PeeweeDP810:05 AMLions Rosedale Devils0-11Waterloo Wolves
PeeweeCP1011:45 AMWGSC #2 Burlington Jr. Cougars1-7Sarnia Sabers
PeeweeBP912:30 PMWGSC #1 Fort Erie Meteors4-3Chedoke Express
PeeweeAP112:40 PMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ers3-1GLHA Selects 2
PeeweeAP123:50 PMWGSC #3 Coronation Bengals2-1Burlington Bulldogs (White)
PeeweeBP135:10 PMWGSC #2 Brantford Saints0-4Fort Erie Meteors
PeeweeCP145:40 PMWGSC #4 Dofasco Steelhawks9-0Burlington Jr. Cougars
PeeweeCP156:00 PMWGSC #1 Sarnia Sabers0-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PeeweeDP166:00 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo Wolves5-1St. Catharines Storm
PeeweeEP176:00 PMCivic GLHA Selects 15-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeEP186:05 PMLions Lawfield Thunder0-0Cambridge Hawks
PeeweeDP196:50 PMWGSC #4 Mount Hamilton Blues15-1Rosedale Devils
PeeweeBP207:05 PMWGSC #1 Chedoke Express0-4Burlington Bulldogs (Red)
Saturday, April 6, 2019
PeeweeAP219:00 AMLions Coronation Bengals4-2Brantford 99ers
PeeweeEP229:00 AMWGSC #1 GLHA Selects 13-9Lawfield Thunder
PeeweeBP2310:00 AMWGSC #3 Fort Erie Meteors0-7Burlington Bulldogs (Red)
PeeweeEP2410:00 AMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks15-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
PeeweeAP2510:10 AMLions GLHA Selects 20-4Burlington Bulldogs (White)
PeeweeBP2610:30 AMWGSC #4 Chedoke Express0-3Brantford Saints
PeeweeCP2710:35 AMWGSC #2 Sarnia Sabers5-3Dofasco Steelhawks
PeeweeDP2811:10 AMWGSC #3 Rosedale Devils2-12St. Catharines Storm
PeeweeDP2911:20 AMLions Waterloo Wolves1-1Mount Hamilton Blues
PeeweeCP3011:45 AMWGSC #4 Burlington Jr. Cougars1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PW P/OffsP314:15 PMWGSC #4 Sarnia Sabers4-1Coronation Bengals
PW P/OffsP324:55 PMLions Lawfield Thunder3-1Waterloo Wolves
PW P/OffsP335:00 PMWGSC #3 Mount Hamilton Blues2-3Burlington Bulldogs (Red)
PW P/OffsP347:25 PMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
Sunday, April 7, 2019
PW P/OffsP3511:30 AMWGSC #1 Sarnia Sabers2-1Burlington Bulldogs (Red)
PW P/OffsP3611:30 AMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks2-4Lawfield Thunder
PW P/OffsP374:30 PMWGSC #2 Sarnia Sabers1-12Lawfield Thunder
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Civic - Brantford and District Civic Centre, 69 Market Street, south, Brantford, ON. Phone: 519-752-6541
  • Lions - Lions Park Arena, 20 Edge St, Brantford, Brantford, ON. Phone: (519) 759-6120
  • WGSC #1 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #1, 254 North Park St., Brantford, ON. Phone: (519) 756-9900
  • WGSC #2 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #2, 254 North Park St., Brantford, ON. Phone: (519) 756-9900
  • WGSC #3 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #3, 254 North Park St., Brantford, ON. Phone: (519) 756-9900
  • WGSC #4 - Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre #4, 254 North Park St., Brantford, ON. Phone: (519) 756-9900

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