Schedule & Results, House League, 2014 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014
APBA16:00 PMPJD Kitchener White 4-2Waterloo
BPBB16:00 PMSWS Kitchener Admirals 1-2Waterloo
MPCM16:15 PMSWP Kitchener Chiefs 8-2Brantford Minor
NPBN16:15 PMAlumni Cambridge 2-9Kitchener Jets
APCA27:00 PMPJD Brantford Minor 1-3Kitchener Yellow
BPAB27:15 PMSWS Kitchener Aeros 5-1Cambridge
NPAN27:15 PMAlumni Waterloo 1-3Brantford Minor
MPB (XOVER)M27:30 PMSWP Brantford Church 1-10Waterloo
PPBP18:00 PMPJD Cambridge 2-1Kitchener Gladiators
PPCP28:15 PMAlumni Waterloo 0-2Kitchener Pirates
Friday, April 4, 2014
APAA38:00 AMSWS Brantford Church 4-11Cambridge
APAA48:15 AMSWP London 2-1Woodstock
NPCN48:45 AMAlumni Kitchener Panthers 1-5London
APBA59:00 AMSWS Burlington Lions5-3St Catharines CYO
NPBN39:00 AMPJD Woodstock 2-2Brantford Church
APCA69:15 AMSWP Sarnia 2-6Greater Fort Erie
NPCN69:45 AMAlumni St Catharines CYO 0-4Sarnia
MPB (XOVER)M310:00 AMSWS London 9-1St Catharines CYO
NPAN510:00 AMPJD Greater Fort Erie 1-3Burlington Lions
BPCB310:15 AMSWP Woodstock 3-2Burlington Lions
PPAP310:45 AMAlumni Sarnia 4-2London
PPAP411:00 AMPJD Woodstock 4-4Greater Fort Erie
MPB (XOVER)M411:15 AMSWS Greater Fort Erie 1-0Burlington Lions
BPCB411:30 AMSWP Sarnia 4-4London
PPCP511:45 AMAlumni Brantford Minor 1-3Waterloo
PPCP612:00 PMPJD Burlington Lions4-4Kitchener Pirates
MPCM512:30 PMSWS Sarnia 1-3Kitchener Gryphons
BPAB512:45 PMSWP St Catharines CYO 3-3Brantford Church
PPBP712:45 PMAlumni Cambridge 1-0St Catharines CYO
PPBP81:00 PMPJD Kitchener Gladiators 6-3Brantford Church
APAA71:45 PMAlumni Cambridge 6-1London
NPCN71:45 PMSWS Sarnia 6-3Kitchener Panthers
APAA82:00 PMPJD Woodstock 4-3Brantford Church
BPBB62:00 PMSWP Greater Fort Erie 3-2Brantford Minor
APBA92:45 PMAlumni Waterloo 3-6Burlington Lions
NPCN82:45 PMSWS London 10-0St Catharines CYO
APBA103:00 PMPJD St Catharines CYO 0-5Kitchener White
NPBN93:15 PMSWP Kitchener Jets 9-1Woodstock
APCA113:45 PMAlumni Kitchener Yellow 8-0Sarnia
NPBN103:45 PMSWS Brantford Church 3-2Cambridge
APCA124:00 PMPJD Greater Fort Erie 3-6Brantford Minor
NPAN114:15 PMSWP Burlington Lions3-4Brantford Minor
BPCB74:45 PMAlumni London 2-1Burlington Lions
MPA (XOVER)M64:45 PMSWS Waterloo 1-3London
BPCB85:00 PMPJD Sarnia 3-2Woodstock
NPAN125:15 PMSWP Greater Fort Erie 0-0Waterloo
MPCM76:00 PMSWS Kitchener Gryphons 2-3Brantford Minor
BPBB96:15 PMPJD Kitchener Admirals 4-0Greater Fort Erie
JPAJ16:15 PMSWP Cambridge 7-4Kitchener Panthers
MPA (XOVER)M87:15 PMSWS Burlington Lions6-1Brantford Church
BPAB107:30 PMPJD Kitchener Aeros 2-3St Catharines CYO
JPAJ27:30 PMSWP Kitchener Sting 4-4London
MPCM98:15 PMAlumni Sarnia 3-4Kitchener Chiefs
MPA (XOVER)M108:30 PMSWS St Catharines CYO 1-7Greater Fort Erie
JPAJ38:45 PMSWP St Catharines CYO 4-0Sarnia
Saturday, April 5, 2014
BPBB118:00 AMPJD Brantford Minor 0-4Kitchener Admirals
PPBP98:00 AMSWS Brantford Church 2-0Cambridge
BPAB128:15 AMAlumni St Catharines CYO 3-2Cambridge
PPBP108:15 AMSWP St Catharines CYO 2-4Kitchener Gladiators
PPAP119:00 AMSWS London 5-2Greater Fort Erie
BPBB139:15 AMPJD Waterloo 2-0Greater Fort Erie
PPAP129:15 AMSWP Sarnia 4-0Woodstock
BPAB149:30 AMAlumni Brantford Church 1-3Kitchener Aeros
PPCP1310:00 AMSWS Kitchener Pirates 2-2Brantford Minor
PPCP1410:15 AMSWP Waterloo 3-2Burlington Lions
MPCM1110:30 AMPJD Brantford Minor 1-6Sarnia
MPCM1210:45 AMAlumni Kitchener Gryphons 0-5Kitchener Chiefs
JPAJ411:00 AMSWS Kitchener Panthers 4-6St Catharines CYO
NPCN1311:15 AMSWP London 5-3Sarnia
MPA (XOVER)M1311:45 AMPJD Burlington Lions0-6London
MPB (XOVER)M1412:00 PMAlumni Greater Fort Erie 1-3Waterloo
JPAJ512:15 PMSWS Sarnia 2-7London
NPCN1412:15 PMSWP St Catharines CYO 1-5Kitchener Panthers
MPA (XOVER)M151:00 PMPJD St Catharines CYO 2-2Brantford Church
JPAJ61:15 PMAlumni Kitchener Sting 6-2Cambridge
NPBN151:15 PMSWP Woodstock 3-5Cambridge
NPBN161:30 PMSWS Kitchener Jets 3-0Brantford Church
NPAN172:15 PMSWP Brantford Minor 3-1Greater Fort Erie
PPAP152:15 PMPJD Greater Fort Erie 4-5Sarnia
NPAN182:30 PMSWS Waterloo 3-7Burlington Lions
PPAP162:30 PMAlumni Woodstock 0-5London
APBA133:15 PMSWP Waterloo 6-1St Catharines CYO
PPCP173:15 PMPJD Brantford Minor 4-2Burlington Lions
APBA143:30 PMSWS Burlington Lions3-1Kitchener White
BPCB153:30 PMAlumni Burlington Lions5-3Sarnia
APCA154:15 PMSWP Kitchener Yellow 6-2Greater Fort Erie
PPBP184:15 PMPJD St Catharines CYO 7-7Brantford Church
APCA164:30 PMSWS Sarnia 2-5Brantford Minor
BPCB164:45 PMAlumni Woodstock 1-3London
APAA175:15 PMSWP London 5-0Brantford Church
BPBB175:15 PMPJD Waterloo 6-1Brantford Minor
APAA185:30 PMSWS Cambridge 4-1Woodstock
JPAJ76:00 PMAlumni London 2-1St Catharines CYO
MCHAMPMSF16:15 PMSWP Waterloo 0-3London
BPAB186:30 PMPJD Cambridge 4-2Brantford Church
MCHAMPMSF26:30 PMSWS Greater Fort Erie 0-2Kitchener Chiefs
JPAJ87:15 PMAlumni Kitchener Panthers 5-11Kitchener Sting
JPAJ97:45 PMPJD Sarnia 2-1Cambridge
Sunday, April 6, 2014
NCHAMPSF19:00 AMPJD Brantford Minor 1-7Kitchener Jets
NCHAMPSF29:15 AMAlumni London 7-1Sarnia
ACHAMPSF110:00 AMPJD Burlington Lions4-2Cambridge
ACHAMPSF210:15 AMAlumni Kitchener White 3-1Kitchener Yellow
PCHAMPSF111:00 AMPJD Cambridge 4-1Sarnia
PCHAMPSF211:15 AMAlumni Kitchener Pirates 1-4London
BCHAMPSF112:00 PMPJD St Catharines CYO 3-0Waterloo
BCHAMPSF212:15 PMAlumni Kitchener Admirals 0-1London
JCHAMPJSF11:15 PMPJD Sarnia 0-5Kitchener Sting
JCHAMPJSF21:30 PMAlumni St Catharines CYO 5-2London
NCHAMPFinal2:30 PMPJD London 3-5Kitchener Jets
ACHAMPFinal2:45 PMAlumni Kitchener White 5-2Burlington Lions
PCHAMPFinal3:45 PMPJD Cambridge 2-1London
MCHAMPMCHAMP4:00 PMAlumni Kitchener Chiefs 2-3London
BCHAMPFinal5:00 PMPJD St Catharines CYO 2-3London
JCHAMPJCHAMP6:30 PMPJD Kitchener Sting 0-1St Catharines CYO
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