Schedule & Results, 2017 House League Select, 2017 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Novice A1015:00 PMGurney Hamilton Mountain 5-5Brantford 99ers
Novice B1025:00 PMDavis Hamilton Chedoke 4-0Brantford Saints
Novice A1036:00 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Burlington Bulldogs
Novice B1046:00 PMWGSC #1 St. Catharines Storm0-3Waterloo Wolves
Novice C1056:00 PMWGSC #2 Cambridge Hawks5-0Hamilton Coronation
Atom3026:00 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks5-0West London Hawks
Novice C1066:10 PMGurney West London Hawks 4-0Hamilton Dofasco
Novice C1076:10 PMDavis London Bandits3-3Hamilton Lawfield
Atom3017:00 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Chedoke 1-0Burlington Bulldogs
Atom3037:00 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Lawfield 2-2London Bandits
Atom3047:00 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Jr Rangers6-3Hamilton Coronation
Atom3067:00 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Rosedale 0-18Waterloo Wolves
Atom3057:10 PMGurney Hamilton Dofasco 2-3Brantford 99ers
Min Ban6017:15 PMDavis Kitchener Jr Rangers2-3Burlington Bulldogs White
Peewee A5028:10 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves White4-2Brantford 99ers
Peewee C5018:15 PMGurney West London Hawks 2-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
Peewee B5038:15 PMWGSC #2 Waterloo Wolves Black 2-3Brantford Saints
Min Ban6028:15 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks 4-1Brantford 99ers
Min Ban6038:15 PMWGSC #4 Waterloo Wolves4-1Burlington Bulldogs Red
Midget9039:20 PMGurney Hamilton Coronation 4-6Brantford 99ers
Midget9019:25 PMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks1-6Hamilton Dofasco
Midget9029:25 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo Wolves2-3Hamilton Chedoke
Midget9049:30 PMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue7-1Hamilton Lawfield
Midget9059:30 PMWGSC #4 Woodstock Jr Navy Vets4-1Hamilton Mountain
Friday, March 31, 2017
Min Atom2018:30 AMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr Rangers2-2Burlington Bulldogs
Min Atom2028:30 AMWGSC #4 Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 2-3London Bandits
Peewee A5048:30 AMStGeorge Hamilton Lawfield 5-3Burlington Bulldogs
Min Atom2039:00 AMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves1-5Cambridge Hawks
Min PWee4019:00 AMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks1-1Burlington Bulldogs
Bantam7019:00 AMLions Burlington Bulldogs White 1-5Brantford 99ers
Peewee C5059:30 AMWGSC #2 Hamilton Dofasco 4-1London Bandits
Bantam7029:30 AMWGSC #4 Kitchener Jr Rangers1-4Hamilton Lawfield
Bantam7039:35 AMStGeorge Burlington Bulldogs Red 3-3Hamilton Coronation
Peewee C50610:00 AMWGSC #1 Hamilton Rosedale 0-10Cambridge Hawks
Bantam70410:00 AMLions Waterloo Wolves9-2Hamilton Rosedale
Bantam70510:05 AMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks2-4Hamilton Dofasco
Min Mgt80110:35 AMWGSC #2 Hamilton Chedoke 9-0Cambridge Hawks
Min Ban60410:45 AMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers3-3London Bandits
Bantam70610:50 AMStGeorge London Bandits3-2Hamilton Chedoke
Min Mgt80211:05 AMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs3-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
Min PWee40211:15 AMLions Waterloo Wolves 4-1Hamilton Chedoke
Min Mgt80311:20 AMWGSC #3 Hamilton Dofasco 3-2Waterloo Wolves
Min Ban60512:00 PMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs White1-1Cambridge Hawks
Min Ban60612:00 PMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs Red1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
Atom30712:15 PMStGeorge West London Hawks1-1Hamilton Chedoke
Atom30812:30 PMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ers6-1St. Catharines Storm
Min PWee40312:40 PMLions Kitchener Jr Rangers5-1West London Hawks
Atom30912:45 PMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs1-1Hamilton Dofasco
Midget9061:05 PMWGSC #4 Kitchener Jr Rangers Red5-3Hamilton Rosedale
Novice C1081:10 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Lawfield 6-2Greater Fort Erie
Atom3101:15 PMStGeorge London Bandits1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
Novice A1091:30 PMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs 1-1Brantford 99ers
Atom3111:45 PMLions Hamilton Coronation 3-10Cambridge Hawks
Peewee B5071:50 PMWGSC #3 St. Catharines Storm 0-2Hamilton Chedoke
Novice C1102:10 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Coronation 2-2London Bandits
Atom3122:15 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves4-4Hamilton Lawfield
Midget9072:15 PMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers5-2St. Catharines Storm
Novice A1112:30 PMWGSC #1 Kitchener Jr Rangers4-1Hamilton Mountain
Min Atom2042:45 PMLions Burlington Bulldogs8-5Waterloo Wolves
Peewee C5082:50 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr Rangers4-1Hamilton Rosedale
Peewee C5093:10 PMWGSC #2 London Bandits0-1Hamilton Mountain
Min Atom2053:15 PMStGeorge Cambridge Hawks2-2Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
Bantam7073:15 PMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers2-5Hamilton Mountain
Peewee C5103:30 PMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks3-3Hamilton Dofasco
Min Atom2063:45 PMLions London Bandits0-7Kitchener Jr Rangers
Novice B1124:05 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo Wolves10-2Brantford Saints
Min Ban6074:25 PMStGeorge London Bandits4-6Waterloo Wolves
Min Mgt8044:25 PMWGSC #2 Cambridge Hawks0-6Sarnia Sabers
Peewee A5114:30 PMWGSC #4 Burlington Bulldogs5-1Brantford 99ers
Min Mgt8054:45 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves3-2Burlington Bulldogs
Novice C1134:55 PMLions Greater Fort Erie 0-10West London Hawks
Novice B1145:15 PMWGSC #3 St. Catharines Storm4-4Hamilton Chedoke
Min Mgt8065:40 PMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr Rangers2-2Hamilton Chedoke
Midget9095:40 PMStGeorge Hamilton Mountain 0-5Waterloo Wolves
Peewee A5125:45 PMWGSC #4 Hamilton Lawfield 2-2Waterloo Wolves White
Novice C1155:55 PMLions Hamilton Dofasco 3-4Cambridge Hawks
Min PWee4046:00 PMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs2-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
Min PWee4056:15 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Chedoke 1-5Cambridge Hawks
Atom3136:45 PMWGSC #4 St. Catharines Storm7-0Hamilton Rosedale
Peewee C5136:50 PMStGeorge Hamilton Mountain 4-3West London Hawks
Peewee B5147:00 PMLions Hamilton Chedoke 4-2Brantford Saints
Min PWee4067:05 PMWGSC #2 West London Hawks 2-1Waterloo Wolves
Bantam7087:05 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Lawfield 0-7Burlington Bulldogs Red
Bantam7097:20 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Dofasco 2-2London Bandits
Midget9087:55 PMStGeorge Hamilton Dofasco 5-1Hamilton Coronation
Bantam7108:00 PMWGSC #4 Hamilton Rosedale 0-13Kitchener Jr Rangers
Bantam7118:10 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Coronation 4-0Burlington Bulldogs White
Peewee B5158:15 PMLions St. Catharines Storm 2-5Waterloo Wolves Black
Midget9138:20 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Chedoke 3-5Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
Bantam7128:30 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Mountain 6-3Cambridge Hawks
Bantam7139:25 PMWGSC #4 Hamilton Chedoke 2-1Waterloo Wolves
Min Mgt8079:25 PMLions Sarnia Sabers 3-5Hamilton Dofasco
Midget9109:25 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Rosedale 3-7Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
Midget9119:25 PMStGeorge St. Catharines Storm 1-6Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
Midget9129:35 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Lawfield 4-1Cambridge Hawks
Saturday, April 01, 2017
Peewee A5168:30 AMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ers1-7Hamilton Lawfield
Peewee C520 - PPO8:30 AMWGSC #3 London Bandits1-3Hamilton Dofasco
Peewee B5179:00 AMStGeorge Hamilton Chedoke 1-2Waterloo Wolves Black
Peewee A5189:00 AMBurford Burlington Bulldogs1-10Waterloo Wolves White
Peewee B5199:00 AMWGSC #2 Brantford Saints3-2St. Catharines Storm
Peewee C521 - PPO9:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr Rangers1-0West London Hawks
Peewee C522 - PPO9:00 AMWGSC #4 Hamilton Rosedale 1-7Cambridge Hawks
Bantam714 - PPO9:35 AMWGSC #1 Hamilton Lawfield 0-3Waterloo Wolves
Bantam715 - PPO9:40 AMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs White 4-5London Bandits
Bantam716 - PPO10:05 AMWGSC #2 Cambridge Hawks2-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
Midget914 - PPO10:05 AMBurford Hamilton Rosedale 5-3Hamilton Lawfield
Bantam717 - PPO10:10 AMWGSC #4 Hamilton Rosedale 0-9Hamilton Dofasco
Bantam718 - PPO10:10 AMStGeorge Hamilton Chedoke 4-5Brantford 99ers
Midget915 - PPO10:10 AMLions St. Catharines Storm 1-7Waterloo Wolves
Midget916 - PPO10:55 AMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks0-2Brantford 99ers
Midget917 - PPO11:00 AMWGSC #3 Hamilton Mountain 1-7Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
Min Atom20711:25 AMWGSC #2 Kitchener Jr Rangers3-1Cambridge Hawks
Min PWee40711:25 AMBurford Cambridge Hawks0-6West London Hawks
Min Atom20811:30 AMLions Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 1-3Burlington Bulldogs
Min Atom20911:30 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo Wolves10-4London Bandits
Midget918 - PPO11:30 AMStGeorge Hamilton Coronation 1-4Hamilton Chedoke
Novice A11712:20 PMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs 11-0Hamilton Mountain
Novice C122 - PPO12:30 PMWGSC #3 Greater Fort Erie 1-7Cambridge Hawks
Novice B11612:40 PMBurford Brantford Saints0-5St. Catharines Storm
Novice A11812:40 PMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers0-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
Novice B11912:40 PMLions Hamilton Chedoke 3-2Waterloo Wolves
Min PWee40812:40 PMWGSC #2 Waterloo Wolves 5-2Burlington Bulldogs
Novice C120 - PPO12:55 PMStGeorge Hamilton Coronation 0-4London Bandits
Novice C121 - PPO1:20 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Dofasco 1-4Hamilton Lawfield
Min PWee4091:30 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr Rangers9-0Hamilton Chedoke
Atom314 - PPO1:40 PMLions West London Hawks3-1St. Catharines Storm
Atom315 - PPO1:40 PMBurford London Bandits4-3Hamilton Dofasco
Atom316 - PPO1:40 PMWGSC #4 Hamilton Rosedale 1-10Waterloo Wolves
Atom317 - PPO1:45 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Coronation 1-4Hamilton Chedoke
Atom318 - PPO2:00 PMStGeorge Burlington Bulldogs2-4Hamilton Lawfield
MBP/Offs608 - QF2:25 PMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ers3-2Burlington Bulldogs White
PW P/Offs523 - QF2:45 PMLions Kitchener Jr Rangers1-6Waterloo Wolves White
PW P/Offs525 - QF2:45 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Lawfield 3-2Hamilton Mountain
PW P/Offs526 - QF2:45 PMWGSC #4 Waterloo Wolves Black 1-3Cambridge Hawks
MBP/Offs609 - QF2:45 PMBurford Cambridge Hawks 3-0Burlington Bulldogs Red
BanP/Offs721 - QF2:50 PMWGSC #2 Cambridge Hawks2-4Hamilton Mountain
MBP/Offs610 - QF3:05 PMStGeorge Kitchener Jr Rangers2-4London Bandits
PW P/Offs524 - QF3:40 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Dofasco 0-3Hamilton Chedoke
BanP/Offs719 - QF4:00 PMLions Brantford 99ers1-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
BanP/Offs720 - QF4:00 PMBurford London Bandits1-13Hamilton Dofasco
MMP/Offs808 - QF4:05 PMWGSC #3 Kitchener Jr Rangers5-0Sarnia Sabers
MMP/Offs810 - QF4:10 PMWGSC #2 Waterloo Wolves3-2Burlington Bulldogs
MMP/Offs809 - QF4:15 PMWGSC #4 Cambridge Hawks3-15Hamilton Chedoke
BanP/Offs722 - QF4:20 PMStGeorge Waterloo Wolves1-2Hamilton Coronation
MAP/Offs210 - SF4:55 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves2-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
Nov P/Offs123 - QF5:20 PMBurford London Bandits0-6Kitchener Jr Rangers
MPWP/Offs410 - SF5:20 PMWGSC #3 Cambridge Hawks0-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
MPWP/Offs411 - SF5:30 PMLions Waterloo Wolves 5-1West London Hawks
Nov P/Offs124 - QF5:35 PMWGSC #4 Hamilton Lawfield 3-1Hamilton Chedoke
Nov P/Offs125 - QF5:40 PMWGSC #2 Burlington Bulldogs 3-2West London Hawks
MAP/Offs211 - SF5:45 PMStGeorge Cambridge Hawks1-3Burlington Bulldogs
Nov P/Offs126 - QF6:00 PMWGSC #1 Waterloo Wolves1-2Cambridge Hawks
AtomP/Offs319 - QF6:25 PMWGSC #3 West London Hawks0-7Cambridge Hawks
MidP/Offs919 - QF6:25 PMBurford Hamilton Chedoke 4-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
AtomP/Offs320 - QF6:40 PMLions London Bandits2-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
MidP/Offs920 - QF6:40 PMWGSC #4 Waterloo Wolves1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
AtomP/Offs321 - QF6:45 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Lawfield 4-2Brantford 99ers
AtomP/Offs322 - QF6:50 PMStGeorge Hamilton Chedoke 0-3Waterloo Wolves
MMP/Offs811 - SF7:05 PMWGSC #1 Kitchener Jr Rangers2-3Hamilton Dofasco
MBP/Offs611 - SF7:30 PMWGSC #3 London Bandits4-5Cambridge Hawks
MMP/Offs812 - SF7:50 PMWGSC #2 Waterloo Wolves5-6Hamilton Chedoke
MBP/Offs612 - SF7:55 PMStGeorge Brantford 99ers2-4Waterloo Wolves
MidP/Offs921 - QF7:55 PMLions Hamilton Rosedale 0-6Hamilton Dofasco
MidP/Offs922 - QF8:30 PMWGSC #1 Brantford 99ers5-4Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
Sunday, April 02, 2017
Nov P/Offs127 - SF9:00 AMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs 2-0Cambridge Hawks
Nov P/Offs128 - SF9:00 AMWGSC #3 Hamilton Lawfield 1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
AtomP/Offs323 - SF9:30 AMWGSC #2 Hamilton Lawfield 5-0Cambridge Hawks
AtomP/Offs324 - SF9:30 AMWGSC #4 Waterloo Wolves4-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
PW P/Offs527 - SF10:15 AMWGSC #1 Hamilton Chedoke 0-4Cambridge Hawks
PW P/Offs528 - SF10:15 AMWGSC #3 Hamilton Lawfield 1-3Waterloo Wolves White
BanP/Offs723 - SF10:45 AMWGSC #2 Hamilton Coronation 4-3Hamilton Mountain
BanP/Offs724 - SF10:45 AMWGSC #4 Hamilton Dofasco 2-5Burlington Bulldogs Red
MAP/Offs212 - Final11:30 AMWGSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs2-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
MPWP/Offs412 - Final11:35 AMWGSC #3 Waterloo Wolves 0-6Kitchener Jr Rangers
MidP/Offs923 - SF12:10 PMWGSC #2 Hamilton Chedoke 1-2Hamilton Dofasco
MidP/Offs924 - SF12:15 PMWGSC #4 Brantford 99ers3-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
Nov P/Offs129 - Final1:00 PMWGSC #3 Burlington Bulldogs 0-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MBP/Offs613 - Final1:00 PMWGSC #1 Cambridge Hawks 0-1Waterloo Wolves
MMP/Offs813 - Final2:15 PMWGSC #3 Hamilton Chedoke 3-2Hamilton Dofasco
AtomP/Offs325 - Final2:30 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Lawfield 2-3Waterloo Wolves
PW P/Offs529 - Final3:45 PMWGSC #3 Waterloo Wolves White6-2Cambridge Hawks
BanP/Offs725 - Final4:00 PMWGSC #1 Hamilton Coronation 5-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
MidP/Offs925 - Final5:30 PMWGSC #1 Kitchener Jr Rangers Red3-2Hamilton Dofasco
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