Schedule & Results, Minor Development, 2015 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, April 10, 2015
NT318:00 AMSP #1 London Bandits Black7-0Hamilton Huskies Red
MAT238:00 AMSP #3 Cambridge Hawks5-1Sarnia JR Sting
NT258:00 AMRidley Kitchener Rangers White4-3Sarnia JR Sting
NT268:00 AMGC Woodstock JR Navy Vets Blue4-2West London Hawks
NT178:00 AMJGA London Bandits Black3-10Brantford 99ers
NT328:15 AMSP #2 Sarnia JR Sting7-6Hamilton Huskies White
MAT248:15 AMSP #4 Waterloo Timber Wolves8-0West London Hawks
NT188:15 AMRex West London Hawks5-2Cambridge Hawks
AT2119:10 AMSP #3 ST Catharines Hurricanes4-4Burlington Bulldogs
AT1139:10 AMRidley London Bandits Black2-5Kitchener Rangers Blue
AT1149:10 AMGC West London Hawks2-1Kitchener Rangers Red
MPT1159:10 AMJGA Burlington Bulldogs Red3-2North London Nationals
MAT199:10 AMSP #1 Kitchener Rangers Blue7-3London Bandits Black
MAT1109:25 AMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Red5-1North London Nationals
AT2129:25 AMSP #4 Sarnia JR Sting2-2North London Nationals
MPT1169:25 AMRex Kitchener Rangers Red0-3Oakridge Aeros
MPT21710:20 AMSP #1 ST Catharines Hurricanes0-2London Bandits Orange
PT21910:20 AMSP #3 Oakridge Aeros2-6ST Catharines Hurricanes
MBT12110:20 AMRidley Sarnia JR Sting4-4Oakridge Aeros
MBT12210:20 AMGC Hamilton Huskies Blue2-5Hamilton Huskies White
PT12310:20 AMJGA Hamilton Huskies Blue4-3London Bandits Black
MPT21810:35 AMRex Kitchener Rangers Blue2-2North London North Ridge
PT22010:35 AMSP #4 London Bandits Orange1-2Hamilton Huskies Red
PT12410:35 AMSP #2 Hamilton Huskies White1-2West London Hawks
BT22511:30 AMSP #1 London Bandits Orange2-2Brantford Saints
MMT12711:30 AMSP #3 Kitchener Rangers Blue0-4North London Nationals
BT12911:30 AMRidley Sarnia JR Sting4-1London Bandits Black
BT13011:30 AMGC Hamilton Huskies White4-0Cambridge Hawks
BT23111:30 AMJGA North London Nationals4-3ST Catharines Hurricanes
MBT22611:45 AMSP #2 ST Catharines Hurricanes2-2London Bandits Black
MMT12811:45 AMSP #4 Waterloo Ice Wolves7-2West London Hawks
MBT23211:45 AMRex Waterloo Ice Wolves3-1North London Nationals
MMT23312:50 PMSP #1 London Bandits Black1-8Brantford Saints
MT13512:50 PMSP #3 North London Nationals2-3Kitchener Rangers
MT2371:00 PMRidley Hamilton Huskies Red2-2ST Catharines Hurricanes
MT1381:00 PMGC Oakridge Aeros2-3Cambridge Hawks
NT1391:00 PMJGA Brantford 99ers4-4West London Hawks
MMT2341:05 PMSP #2 Oakridge Aeros0-5Kitchener Rangers Red
MT2361:05 PMSP #4 London Bandits Black1-5Waterloo Wolves
NT1401:15 PMRex Cambridge Hawks2-3London Bandits Black
MAT1462:10 PMGC North London Nationals1-5Kitchener Rangers Blue
MAT2472:10 PMJGA Sarnia JR Sting1-2Waterloo Timber Wolves
MAT1452:20 PMRidley London Bandits Black1-7Kitchener Rangers Red
MAT2482:25 PMRex West London Hawks0-4Cambridge Hawks
NT2412:30 PMSP #1 Sarnia JR Sting0-3Woodstock JR Navy Vets Blue
NT3432:30 PMSP #3 Hamilton Huskies Red3-2Sarnia JR Sting
NT2422:45 PMSP #2 West London Hawks1-6Kitchener Rangers White
NT3442:45 PMSP #4 Hamilton Huskies White4-8London Bandits Black
MPT1543:20 PMGC Oakridge Aeros1-1Burlington Bulldogs Red
MPT2553:20 PMJGA North London North Ridge7-3ST Catharines Hurricanes
MPT2563:35 PMRex London Bandits Orange3-1Kitchener Rangers Blue
AT1493:40 PMSP #1 Kitchener Rangers Red4-1London Bandits Black
AT2513:40 PMSP #3 Sarnia JR Sting3-5ST Catharines Hurricanes
MPT1533:40 PMRidley North London Nationals1-2Kitchener Rangers Red
AT1503:55 PMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Blue2-2West London Hawks
AT2523:55 PMSP #4 North London Nationals1-6Burlington Bulldogs
PT1634:30 PMJGA West London Hawks4-2Hamilton Huskies Blue
PT2644:45 PMRex Hamilton Huskies Red0-1Oakridge Aeros
MBT1574:50 PMSP #1 Hamilton Huskies Blue2-2Sarnia JR Sting
PT2594:50 PMSP #3 ST Catharines Hurricanes8-5London Bandits Orange
MBT2614:50 PMRidley London Bandits Black1-2Waterloo Ice Wolves
BT2625:00 PMMC ST Catharines Hurricanes3-4London Bandits Orange
MBT1585:05 PMSP #2 Hamilton Huskies White3-1Oakridge Aeros
PT1605:05 PMSP #4 London Bandits Black4-3Hamilton Huskies White
MMT1706:00 PMSP #3 North London Nationals0-6Waterloo Ice Wolves
BT1696:05 PMRidley Sarnia JR Sting2-2Cambridge Hawks
MMT1656:10 PMSP #1 West London Hawks2-1Kitchener Rangers Blue
BT1666:15 PMSP #2 London Bandits Black3-0Hamilton Huskies White
MBT2676:15 PMMC North London Nationals2-2ST Catharines Hurricanes
BT2686:30 PMSP #4 Brantford Saints3-3North London Nationals
MMT2727:25 PMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Red10-1London Bandits Black
MT2757:25 PMRidley Waterloo Wolves10-0Hamilton Huskies Red
MT2767:30 PMMC ST Catharines Hurricanes3-2London Bandits Black
MMT2717:35 PMSP #1 Brantford Saints1-0Oakridge Aeros
MT1737:40 PMSP #3 Kitchener Rangers4-0Oakridge Aeros
MT1747:50 PMSP #4 Cambridge Hawks8-1North London Nationals
Saturday, April 11, 2015
NT1778:00 AMSP #1 Brantford 99ers2-6Cambridge Hawks
NT2798:00 AMSP #3 Woodstock JR Navy Vets Blue5-0Kitchener Rangers White
NT3818:00 AMRidley Hamilton Huskies White3-3Hamilton Huskies Red
MAT1838:00 AMJGA Kitchener Rangers Red1-8Kitchener Rangers Blue
NT1788:15 AMSP #2 West London Hawks5-0London Bandits Black
NT2808:15 AMSP #4 West London Hawks4-2Sarnia JR Sting
NT3828:15 AMRex Sarnia JR Sting4-6London Bandits Black
MAT1849:10 AMSP #1 North London Nationals4-4London Bandits Black
MAT2869:10 AMSP #3 West London Hawks4-4Sarnia JR Sting
AT1889:10 AMRidley Kitchener Rangers Blue2-4Kitchener Rangers Red
AT2909:10 AMJGA ST Catharines Hurricanes7-4North London Nationals
MAT2859:25 AMSP #2 Waterloo Timber Wolves1-3Cambridge Hawks
AT1879:25 AMSP #4 London Bandits Black2-3West London Hawks
AT2899:25 AMRex Burlington Bulldogs5-5Sarnia JR Sting
MPT29110:20 AMSP #1 North London North Ridge3-1London Bandits Orange
MPT19310:20 AMSP #3 Kitchener Rangers Red0-0Burlington Bulldogs Red
PT19510:20 AMRidley London Bandits Black2-1West London Hawks
MBT19710:20 AMJGA Oakridge Aeros3-3Hamilton Huskies Blue
MPT29210:35 AMSP #2 ST Catharines Hurricanes1-5Kitchener Rangers Blue
MPT19410:35 AMSP #4 Oakridge Aeros2-2North London Nationals
PT19610:35 AMRex Hamilton Huskies White3-3Hamilton Huskies Blue
PT210011:30 AMSP #3 ST Catharines Hurricanes0-2Hamilton Huskies Red
BT110211:30 AMRidley Hamilton Huskies White5-3Sarnia JR Sting
BT110411:30 AMJGA Cambridge Hawks1-4London Bandits Black
MBT19811:30 AMSP #1 Sarnia JR Sting2-2Hamilton Huskies White
MBT210111:45 AMSP #4 London Bandits Black0-5North London Nationals
PT210311:45 AMRex Oakridge Aeros4-8London Bandits Orange
MBT29911:45 AMSP #2 ST Catharines Hurricanes1-1Waterloo Ice Wolves
BT210512:40 PMSP #1 ST Catharines Hurricanes4-1Brantford Saints
MMT210912:40 PMRidley London Bandits Black6-2Oakridge Aeros
MMT111112:40 PMJGA West London Hawks2-4North London Nationals
MT110712:50 PMSP #3 Cambridge Hawks3-3Kitchener Rangers
MMT210612:55 PMSP #2 Brantford Saints4-2Kitchener Rangers Red
MMT110812:55 PMSP #4 Kitchener Rangers Blue1-3Waterloo Ice Wolves
BT211012:55 PMRex North London Nationals2-2London Bandits Orange
MT21122:15 PMSP #1 ST Catharines Hurricanes3-4Waterloo Wolves
MT11142:15 PMSP #3 Oakridge Aeros1-2North London Nationals
MT21132:30 PMSP #2 London Bandits Black2-4Hamilton Huskies Red
MAT21152:30 PMSP #4 Sarnia JR Sting0-2Waterloo Timber Wolves
MAT11162:30 PMRidley London Bandits Black2-4Kitchener Rangers Red
NT31172:30 PMRex Sarnia JR Sting2-1Hamilton Huskies Red
NT11182:45 PMJGA London Bandits Black3-6Brantford 99ers
NT21193:45 PMSP #1 West London Hawks8-7Kitchener Rangers White
AT21213:45 PMSP #3 Sarnia JR Sting2-7Burlington Bulldogs
AT11204:00 PMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Blue0-3Kitchener Rangers Red
MPT21224:00 PMSP #4 Kitchener Rangers Blue4-1London Bandits Orange
MPT11234:00 PMRidley Kitchener Rangers Red0-4Burlington Bulldogs Red
PT11244:15 PMJGA West London Hawks3-2Hamilton Huskies Blue
BT11285:10 PMSP #4 Sarnia JR Sting5-2Hamilton Huskies White
MBT11265:15 PMSP #2 Oakridge Aeros7-3Sarnia JR Sting
PT21255:30 PMSP #1 London Bandits Orange3-0ST Catharines Hurricanes
MBT21275:30 PMSP #3 ST Catharines Hurricanes2-5North London Nationals
BT21295:30 PMRidley ST Catharines Hurricanes1-2North London Nationals
MMT11307:00 PMSP #1 West London Hawks0-1North London Nationals
MT11327:00 PMSP #3 North London Nationals5-0Kitchener Rangers
MMT21317:15 PMSP #2 London Bandits Black2-5Kitchener Rangers Red
MT21337:15 PMSP #4 Hamilton Huskies Red2-4ST Catharines Hurricanes
Sunday, April 12, 2015
NT11349:00 AMSP #1 Brantford 99ers3-9West London Hawks
NT31369:00 AMSP #3 Sarnia JR Sting4-5London Bandits Black
NT21359:15 AMSP #2 West London Hawks0-5Woodstock JR Navy Vets Blue
MAT21379:15 AMSP #4 Waterloo Timber Wolves1-0Cambridge Hawks
MAT113810:30 AMSP #1 Kitchener Rangers Red0-1Kitchener Rangers Blue
AT214010:30 AMSP #3 Burlington Bulldogs3-2ST Catharines Hurricanes
AT113910:45 AMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Red3-1West London Hawks
MPT214110:45 AMSP #4 Kitchener Rangers Blue3-0North London North Ridge
MPT114212:00 PMSP #1 Burlington Bulldogs Red3-5Oakridge Aeros
PT214412:00 PMSP #3 London Bandits Orange1-2Hamilton Huskies Red
PT114312:15 PMSP #2 West London Hawks0-3London Bandits Black
MBT114512:15 PMSP #4 Oakridge Aeros1-5Hamilton Huskies White
BT11461:30 PMSP #1 Sarnia JR Sting1-2London Bandits Black
MBT21481:30 PMSP #3 North London Nationals2-0Waterloo Ice Wolves
BT21451:45 PMSP #2 North London Nationals3-2London Bandits Orange
MMT11492:00 PMSP #4 North London Nationals0-2Waterloo Ice Wolves
MMT21513:15 PMSP #2 Kitchener Rangers Red5-3Brantford Saints
MT11503:30 PMSP #1 North London Nationals0-3Cambridge Hawks
MT21523:30 PMSP #3 ST Catharines Hurricanes3-2Waterloo Wolves
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