Rules, House League Select (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)



•  The Championships will follow regular ALLIANCE Hockey playing rules, including tie-breaker protocol.

•  The 2021-22 OHF Minimum suspension list will be enforced.

 Home teams will wear Dark Jerseys.  If jersey changes are necessary, the home team is required to change.

 There is (1) 30-second timeout allowed in 1/4 Final, Semi-Final and Final games during regulation time. 

 There are NO timeouts in Overtime or in any Robin Round play.

 AP Players are permitted to play in any game when needed. AP players are NOT required to play in a Round Robin game prior to 
the play-off rounds.

 Teams must be ready to play up to a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the originally scheduled game start time.

 Any fighting will result in an automatic suspension from the balance of the Championships.

Three (3) minor penalties in 1 game will result in a Game Ejection. (No Suspension)

 Decisions of the Tournament Committee are considered final and cannot be appealed.

Tie-Breaking Rules

• ALLIANCE Hockey Tie-Breaking Rules 7.0 will be followed.

Game Lengths: 
 U9, U10 & U11 Round Robin games: 10-10-10.  1/4 Final, Semi-Finals and Finals: 10-10-12.

•  U12, U13 Round Robin games: 10-10-12.  1/4 Final, Semi-Finals and Finals: 10-10-15.

U14 to U18 Round Robin games: 10-10-15.  1/4 Final, Semi-Finals and Finals: 10-15-15.

Play-off Formats:

Overtime Structure:
• No overtime in any Round Robin games. 
• Overtime for all Preliminary, 1/4 final, Semi and Final games is 3-on-3 until a winner is decided.
• 99 minutes will go on the clock and overtime play will be run-time. 
• During overtime, penalties will follow run-time protocol; i.e. 2 minute minor = 3 minutes run-time.
There are NO timeouts in OT.