Schedule & Results, MD, 2019 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, April 12, 2019
NT128:00 AMWF-TON Woodstock Navy Vets Blue6-1West London Hawks
NT218:30 AMWF-CLO Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue6-3West London Hawks
AT2219:00 AMKIN-A Cambridge Hawks2-5London Oakridge Aeros
MPT239:00 AMWF-LCC Cambridge Hawks1-1London Bandits
AT149:10 AMWF-TON Waterloo Wolves4-6Sarnia Jr Sting
MAT269:15 AMWF-HAN Burlington Bulldogs White2-4London Oakridge Aeros
MPT1109:30 AMKIN-B Hamilton Huskies White3-2London Oakridge Aeros
NT159:40 AMWF-CLO Kitchener Rangers Red7-0North London Nationals
MBT21410:10 AMKIN-A Cambridge Hawks5-3London Bandits
MPT2810:10 AMWF-LCC Hamilton Huskies Red3-1North London Nationals
PT1910:20 AMWF-TON Brantford 99ers2-4Sarnia Jr Sting
NT2710:25 AMWF-HAN Cambridge Hawks Black6-2London Bandits
AT11710:40 AMKIN-B Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue4-4London Bandits
AT21110:50 AMWF-CLO Stratford Warriors2-2West London Hawks
BT21311:20 AMWF-LCC Burlington Bulldogs Red3-2West London Hawks
PT22711:20 AMKIN-A Hamilton Huskies White3-0West London Hawks
MAT11211:30 AMWF-TON West London Hawks4-4London Bandits
MBT11511:35 AMWF-HAN Kitchener Jr Rangers Red1-0West London Hawks
PT12311:50 AMKIN-B Cambridge Hawks2-2North London Nationals
MAT21612:00 PMWF-CLO Burlington Bulldogs Red4-2Sarnia Jr Sting
BT21912:30 PMWF-LCC Waterloo Wolves White1-2Sarnia Jr Sting
MMT13712:30 PMKIN-A Kitchener Jr Rangers Red4-4Sarnia Jr Sting
MAT11812:40 PMWF-TON Kitchener Jr Rangers Red1-2Waterloo Wolves
MBT12012:45 PMWF-HAN Waterloo Wolves White3-0Sarnia Jr Sting
PT2401:00 PMKIN-B Waterloo Wolves Black2-3London Bandits
BT1221:10 PMWF-CLO Hamilton Huskies6-2North London Nationals
MMT2251:40 PMWF-LCC Hamilton Huskies White6-4North London Nationals
MPT1501:40 PMKIN-A West London Hawks2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MBT2291:50 PMWF-TON Hamilton Huskies White4-2London Oakridge Aeros
NT1261:55 PMWF-HAN North London Nationals1-4Woodstock Navy Vets Blue
MMT1342:10 PMKIN-B Waterloo Wolves2-4West London Hawks
BT1282:20 PMWF-CLO Kitchener Jr Rangers Red1-4London Bandits
MMT2302:50 PMWF-LCC Burlington Bulldogs White1-1Hamilton Huskies Red
AT2592:50 PMKIN-A London Oakridge Aeros0-1Stratford Warriors
NT2323:00 PMWF-TON West London Hawks0-3Cambridge Hawks Black
NT1313:05 PMWF-HAN West London Hawks2-7Kitchener Rangers Red
AT2543:20 PMKIN-B West London Hawks5-2Cambridge Hawks
MPT2333:30 PMWF-CLO London Bandits6-1Hamilton Huskies Red
AT1354:00 PMWF-LCC Sarnia Jr Sting2-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
NT2464:00 PMKIN-A London Bandits3-9Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
PT1394:10 PMWF-TON Sarnia Jr Sting1-6Cambridge Hawks
MAT2364:15 PMWF-HAN Sarnia Jr Sting3-5Burlington Bulldogs White
MPT2384:40 PMWF-CLO North London Nationals3-0Cambridge Hawks
AT1415:10 PMWF-LCC London Bandits2-0Waterloo Wolves
PT2615:10 PMKIN-A London Bandits3-5Hamilton Huskies White
PT1455:20 PMWF-TON North London Nationals1-2Brantford 99ers
MAT2425:25 PMWF-HAN London Oakridge Aeros3-3Burlington Bulldogs Red
MAT1625:40 PMKIN-B London Bandits4-0Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MBT1445:50 PMWF-CLO West London Hawks2-3Waterloo Wolves White
BT1476:20 PMWF-LCC North London Nationals4-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MPT1486:20 PMKIN-A London Oakridge Aeros3-1Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
PT2536:30 PMWF-TON West London Hawks5-3Waterloo Wolves Black
MBT2496:35 PMWF-HAN London Bandits3-5Hamilton Huskies White
MAT1436:50 PMKIN-B Waterloo Wolves1-1West London Hawks
MBT1517:00 PMWF-CLO Sarnia Jr Sting0-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
BT1557:30 PMWF-LCC London Bandits2-4Hamilton Huskies
MMT2567:30 PMKIN-A North London Nationals2-4Burlington Bulldogs White
MPT1247:40 PMWF-TON Hamilton Huskies White3-0West London Hawks
MBT2577:45 PMWF-HAN London Oakridge Aeros1-2Cambridge Hawks
MMT1588:00 PMKIN-B West London Hawks3-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
BT2608:10 PMWF-CLO Sarnia Jr Sting5-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
MMT2638:40 PMWF-LCC Hamilton Huskies Red4-3Hamilton Huskies White
BT2528:50 PMWF-TON West London Hawks2-2Waterloo Wolves White
MMT1648:55 PMWF-HAN Sarnia Jr Sting7-1Waterloo Wolves
Saturday, April 13, 2019
AT2658:00 AMWF-LCC London Oakridge Aeros1-2West London Hawks
NT1668:15 AMWF-HAN West London Hawks1-6North London Nationals
MAT2678:30 AMWF-CLO London Oakridge Aeros6-2Sarnia Jr Sting
AT1698:45 AMWF-TON London Bandits2-0Sarnia Jr Sting
NT2689:00 AMKIN-A London Bandits5-2West London Hawks
AT2709:10 AMWF-LCC Cambridge Hawks2-3Stratford Warriors
NT1719:25 AMWF-HAN Woodstock Navy Vets Blue3-5Kitchener Rangers Red
NT2739:30 AMKIN-B Cambridge Hawks Black5-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MAT2729:40 AMWF-CLO Burlington Bulldogs White2-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
AT1749:55 AMWF-TON Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue3-4Waterloo Wolves
MBT17610:10 AMKIN-A Sarnia Jr Sting1-2West London Hawks
MPT17510:20 AMWF-LCC London Oakridge Aeros1-4West London Hawks
PT17710:35 AMWF-HAN North London Nationals2-2Sarnia Jr Sting
MBT27910:40 AMKIN-B London Oakridge Aeros1-3London Bandits
MAT17810:50 AMWF-CLO Waterloo Wolves3-4London Bandits
PT28011:05 AMWF-TON London Bandits3-1West London Hawks
MBT18211:20 AMKIN-A Waterloo Wolves White0-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MPT18111:30 AMWF-LCC Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-4Hamilton Huskies White
PT18311:45 AMWF-HAN Cambridge Hawks2-2Brantford 99ers
MBT28511:50 AMKIN-B Hamilton Huskies White5-2Cambridge Hawks
MAT18412:00 PMWF-CLO West London Hawks1-1Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
PT28612:15 PMWF-TON Waterloo Wolves Black2-7Hamilton Huskies White
MMT28812:30 PMKIN-A Hamilton Huskies Red5-0North London Nationals
MPT28712:40 PMWF-LCC North London Nationals3-3London Bandits
BT18912:55 PMWF-HAN London Bandits1-1North London Nationals
BT2901:00 PMKIN-B Sarnia Jr Sting3-3West London Hawks
MMT1911:10 PMWF-CLO Sarnia Jr Sting2-6West London Hawks
MMT2931:25 PMWF-TON Burlington Bulldogs White0-0Hamilton Huskies White
MPT2921:50 PMWF-LCC Hamilton Huskies Red1-2Cambridge Hawks
BT1942:05 PMWF-HAN Kitchener Jr Rangers Red4-0Hamilton Huskies
MMT1962:20 PMWF-CLO Kitchener Jr Rangers Red6-1Waterloo Wolves
BT2952:35 PMWF-TON Waterloo Wolves White3-2Burlington Bulldogs Red
AT2S973:00 PMWF-LCC London Oakridge Aeros6-5Stratford Warriors
AT1S983:15 PMWF-HAN Waterloo Wolves1-2Sarnia Jr Sting
MAT2S1033:30 PMWF-CLO Burlington Bulldogs White3-1Burlington Bulldogs Red
NT1S1023:45 PMWF-TON North London Nationals0-3Woodstock Navy Vets Blue
MBT2S1004:10 PMWF-LCC London Bandits6-1Cambridge Hawks
MBT1S1014:25 PMWF-HAN West London Hawks2-3Waterloo Wolves White
PT1S1074:40 PMWF-CLO Brantford 99ers5-1Sarnia Jr Sting
NT2S1064:55 PMWF-TON London Bandits0-9Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MPT1S1045:20 PMWF-LCC West London Hawks1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MAT1S995:35 PMWF-HAN West London Hawks2-3Waterloo Wolves
PT2S1105:50 PMWF-CLO West London Hawks0-5London Bandits
BT2S1096:05 PMWF-TON Burlington Bulldogs Red3-7Waterloo Wolves White
MMT1S1086:30 PMWF-LCC Sarnia Jr Sting3-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MPT2S1116:45 PMWF-HAN Cambridge Hawks2-1North London Nationals
BT1S1057:00 PMWF-CLO Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-3London Bandits
MMT2S1127:15 PMWF-TON Hamilton Huskies White1-2Burlington Bulldogs White
Sunday, April 14, 2019
MBT2F1139:00 AMWF-LCC London Bandits3-2Hamilton Huskies White
MAT1F1179:15 AMWF-HAN Waterloo Wolves2-1London Bandits
NT1F1149:30 AMWF-CLO Woodstock Navy Vets Blue0-2Kitchener Rangers Red
MPT1F1159:45 AMWF-TON Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-3Hamilton Huskies White
BT1F11610:15 AMWF-LCC London Bandits3-2Hamilton Huskies
MAT2F12110:30 AMWF-HAN Burlington Bulldogs White2-1London Oakridge Aeros
NT2F11810:45 AMWF-CLO Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue3-4Cambridge Hawks Black
PT1F11911:00 AMWF-TON Brantford 99ers4-6Cambridge Hawks
BT2F12011:30 AMWF-LCC Waterloo Wolves White1-2Sarnia Jr Sting
MPT2F12511:45 AMWF-HAN Cambridge Hawks1-4London Bandits
AT1F12212:00 PMWF-CLO Sarnia Jr Sting3-2London Bandits
PT2F12312:15 PMWF-TON London Bandits5-3Hamilton Huskies White
MMT1F12412:45 PMWF-LCC Kitchener Jr Rangers Red8-1West London Hawks
MBT1F1281:00 PMWF-HAN Waterloo Wolves White0-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
AT2F1261:15 PMWF-CLO London Oakridge Aeros1-0West London Hawks
MMT2F1271:30 PMWF-TON Burlington Bulldogs White1-2Hamilton Huskies Red
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