Schedule & Results, 2018 House League, 2018 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
N Pool AN015:00 PMCivic London 5-2Cambridge
N Pool BN035:00 PMGreen Woodstock Tim Horton's Orange 1-3Brantford Church Smoke
N Pool AN025:15 PMRed Woodstock Tim Horton's White 0-9Kitchener
A Pool AA016:00 PMCivic Waterloo 5-1Cambridge
A Pool BA036:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Green 4-5Brantford Church Leafs
A Pool AA026:15 PMRed Brantford Minor 2-6London
P Pool AP017:00 PMCivic London 4-0Woodstock Hudson's Furniture
P Pool BP037:00 PMGreen Burlington 8-2Woodstock Jiffy Lube
P Pool AP027:15 PMRed Cambridge 2-4Kitchener
B Pool AB018:00 PMCivic Woodstock TMMC Black 3-1Cambridge
B Pool BB038:00 PMGreen Kitchener 5-1Waterloo
B Pool AB028:15 PMRed Burlington 1-1London
Friday, April 13, 2018
A Pool BA048:30 AMGreen St. Catharines 7-9Sarnia
N Pool BN048:30 AMCivic St. Catharines 4-5Greater Ft. Erie
B Pool BB049:15 AMRed Brantford Minor IBEW 5-4Brantford Church Bears
A Pool CA059:30 AMGreen Greater Ft. Erie 1-9Burlington
N Pool AN059:30 AMCivic Kitchener 10-0London
P Pool BP049:30 AMRec Cent Waterloo 4-4Brantford Minor
A Pool CA0610:30 AMCivic Woodstock AtoMc Red 0-1Kitchener
P Pool CP0510:30 AMRec Cent Sarnia 0-13Brantford Church Smoke
P Pool CP0610:30 AMGreen St. Catharines 6-1Greater Ft. Erie
M Pool AM0110:45 AMRed Brantford Church Smoke5-2St. Catharines
A Pool AA0711:30 AMCivic London 3-6Waterloo
N Pool AN0611:30 AMRec Cent Cambridge 4-2Woodstock Tim Horton's White
P Pool AP0711:30 AMGreen Kitchener 0-5London
M Pool AM0212:00 PMRed Greater Ft. Erie 0-3London
N Pool CN0712:30 PMRec Cent Sarnia 5-2Burlington
N Pool CN0812:30 PMCivic Brantofrd Minor 2-5Waterloo
N Pool BN0912:30 PMGreen Greater Ft. Erie 1-8Woodstock Tim Horton's Orange
B Pool CB051:15 PMRed Brantford Minor 6-2Sarnia
B Pool CB061:30 PMRec Cent St. Catharines 5-3Greater Ft. Erie
M Pool BM031:30 PMGreen Kitchener 7-5Sarnia
P Pool AP081:30 PMCivic Woodstock Hudson's Furniture 0-5Cambridge
B Pool AB082:30 PMCivic Cambridge 1-11Burlington
P Pool BP102:30 PMRed Woodstock Jiffy Lube 1-7Waterloo
A Pool AA082:45 PMGreen Cambridge 4-2Brantford Minor
B Pool AB072:45 PMRec Cent London 6-0Woodstock TMMC Black
B Pool BB093:45 PMCivic Brantford Church Bears1-10Kitchener
P Pool BP093:45 PMGreen Brantford Minor 6-8Burlington
P Pool CP113:45 PMRed Greater Ft. Erie 5-4Sarnia
M Pool BM044:05 PMRec Cent Waterloo 2-6Burlington
A Pool BA094:45 PMGreen Sarnia 5-4Woodstock AtoMc Green
M Pool AM055:00 PMRed London 8-0Brantford Church Smoke
N Pool BN105:00 PMCivic Brantford Church Smoke4-2St. Catharines
A Pool BA105:45 PMGreen Brantford Church Leafs6-4St. Catharines
N Pool CN116:00 PMCivic Waterloo 5-2Sarnia
M Pool AM066:15 PMRed Greater Ft. Erie 1-3St. Catharines
J Round RJ016:45 PMGreen Sarnia 2-6St. Catharines
B Pool BB107:00 PMCivic Waterloo 2-3Brantford Minor IBEW
B Pool CB118:15 PMCivic Greater Ft. Erie 1-9Brantford Minor
J Round RJ028:15 PMGreen Cambridge 1-5London
Saturday, April 14, 2018
M Pool BM078:30 AMRec Cent Burlington 4-2Kitchener
N Pool CN128:30 AMCivic Burlington 5-7Brantofrd Minor
P Pool CP128:30 AMGreen Brantford Church Smoke4-2St. Catharines
B Pool CB129:30 AMRed Sarnia 2-5St. Catharines
N Pool AN139:30 AMCivic Woodstock Tim Horton's White 1-8London
P Pool BP159:30 AMGreen Waterloo 2-0Burlington
J Round RJ0310:00 AMRec Cent Cambridge 3-0Sarnia
A Pool CA1110:30 AMCivic Kitchener 16-1Greater Ft. Erie
B Pool AB1410:30 AMGreen London 4-2Cambridge
B Pool AB1310:45 AMRed Burlington 7-0Woodstock TMMC Black
B Pool BB1611:15 AMRec Cent Brantford Church Bears3-6Waterloo
A Pool CA1211:30 AMCivic Burlington 1-0Woodstock AtoMc Red
B Pool BB1511:45 AMGreen Brantford Minor IBEW 1-1Kitchener
J Round RJ0412:15 PMRed London 2-4St. Catharines
M Pool BM0812:30 PMRec Cent Sarnia 1-0Waterloo
N Pool AN1412:30 PMCivic Kitchener 8-1Cambridge
A Pool AA131:00 PMGreen Brantford Minor 0-14Waterloo
M Pool AM091:30 PMRed St. Catharines 4-7London
N Pool BN151:30 PMCivic St. Catharines 0-5Woodstock Tim Horton's Orange
B Pool CB171:45 PMRec Cent St. Catharines 3-5Brantford Minor
A Pool AA142:00 PMGreen London 5-0Cambridge
P Pool AP142:30 PMCivic Kitchener 8-0Woodstock Hudson's Furniture
M Pool AM102:45 PMRed Brantford Church Smoke3-5Greater Ft. Erie
A Pool CA153:00 PMRec Cent Kitchener 3-1Burlington
A Pool BA163:00 PMGreen St. Catharines 2-1Woodstock AtoMc Green
P Pool AP133:30 PMCivic Cambridge 2-7London
A Pool BA174:00 PMGreen Sarnia 6-8Brantford Church Leafs
J Round RJ054:00 PMRed St. Catharines 4-2Cambridge
N Pool BN164:30 PMCivic Greater Ft. Erie 2-7Brantford Church Smoke
M Pool BM114:45 PMRec Cent Burlington 8-2Sarnia
P Pool BP165:00 PMGreen Brantford Minor 12-1Woodstock Jiffy Lube
J Round RJ065:15 PMRed London 4-0Sarnia
N Pool CN175:30 PMCivic Brantofrd Minor 3-4Sarnia
P Pool CP176:00 PMGreen St. Catharines 5-0Sarnia
B Pool CB186:30 PMRed Greater Ft. Erie 2-3Sarnia
N Pool CN186:30 PMCivic Waterloo Burlington
A Pool CA187:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Red 8-1Greater Ft. Erie
P Pool CP187:30 PMCivic Greater Ft. Erie 0-5Brantford Church Smoke
M Pool BM127:45 PMRed Waterloo 0-5Kitchener
Sunday, April 15, 2018
A Semi FA199:00 AMGreen Burlington 0-5Waterloo
N Semi FN199:00 AMCivic Woodstock Tim Horton's Orange 0-7Kitchener
A Semi FA209:15 AMRed Kitchener 4-3Brantford Church Leafs
N Semi FN2010:00 AMCivic Waterloo 2-1Brantford Church Smoke
P Semi FP1910:00 AMGreen St. Catharines 1-2London
P Semi FP2010:15 AMRed Brantford Church Smoke3-2Waterloo
M Semi FM1311:00 AMCivic Kitchener 4-3London
B Semi FB1911:15 AMGreen London 0-5Burlington
B Semi FB2011:30 AMRed Brantford Minor 4-2Kitchener
M Semi FM1412:15 PMCivic St. Catharines 1-5Burlington
J Semi FJ0712:30 PMGreen Sarnia 2-4St. Catharines
J Semi FJ0812:45 PMRed Cambridge 3-6London
N ChampN211:45 PMGreen Waterloo 3-4Kitchener
A ChampA212:00 PMRed Waterloo 1-4Kitchener
P ChampP213:00 PMGreen London 2-5Brantford Church Smoke
B ChampB213:15 PMRed Burlington 4-2Brantford Minor
M ChampM154:30 PMRed Kitchener 2-6Burlington
J ChampJ096:00 PMRed London 4-2St. Catharines
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